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5 out of 5 based on 75 reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars
- November 15, 2019

Hi!!! On Thursday 11/7 I had my oil changed on my 2003 Jetta in Moab UT. The techs there told me I had a torn CV boot on the passenger side. I was due to head back east to CT on Friday and your company was recommended very highly. I called at about 3pm and you guys moved heaven and earth to get me in first thing Friday morning. Wes was the genius who got me all set and on the road. You guys are MAGNIFICENT!!!! I mean after all I'm a perfect stranger with a 16 year old car with 245000 miles on it and you not only came through for me, you treated me as a friend. I truly believe in the goodness of people and you went above and beyond to prove that is so. Thank you again and again, I lifted mine eyes to the hills from which your help cometh!!! I got the car back in a few hours and had a worry free and totally enjoyable ride home. I am in Moab quite a few times during the year and without a doubt, I'll be back for you to take expert care of my car. Again, from the bottom of my heart I thank you!! As as aside, I got my local mechanic to take care of the other issues you spotted for me and I'm good to go! I came in as a customer, I left as a devoted fan and friend!!!


4.5 out of 5 stars
- November 6, 2019

My Boomer husband and I relocated from a southwest suburb of Chicago, IL to Delta, CO. Recently our Denver son and daughter-in-law sold us a 2002 BMW X5. We have never owned a German manufactured vehicle until this purchase. The engine is exceptional for it's performance and the sleek streamlined exterior is beautiful. The vehicle was in need of many repairs and recommendations, from an astute mechanic; as to the priorities to make this vehicle road worthy. Steve Stewart, at Foreign Aid; with his company's diagnostic equipment and clean, organized shop, reflect his proud ownership. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- July 19, 2019

The shop was recommended to me by a couple of friends. I have a 2015 Range Rover that's my baby. She was due for her annual service, which I used to take her all the way to Glenwood for. I thought I'd take the chance and forgot the trip this year. I'm so glad I did, from the phone conversation to schedule the appt ( within a week) to picking my car up earlier than scheduled, everything was excellent. I don't use that word to describe much, but excellent is the perfect word. Irina, was simply lovely, even at 8:00 in the morning, she was kind, thoughtful and treated me like a old friend. All the gentlemen that I met starting their day of work were pleasant and knowledgeable. I needed a new air filter, but when they found out how much it was going to be ($70.00), they said they could fine a less expensive one, and deep cleaned the old one until my next appointment. My final invoice was a fraction of what I paid in Glenwood, my experience far surpassed Glenwood. Steve, you and your entire crew made me feel valued. Thank you for showing me that good, honest people still exist. I'll gladly return!


5.0 out of 5 stars
- May 30, 2019

So here we are thousands of miles away from home traveling through Grand Junction on our way to Denver living with a check engine light. Not the best of scenarios when you know that the drive to Denver involves going from 5000 ft altitude to 11000 ft. Called The Foreign Aid and despite being very busy Steve told me to come over whenever I could. As soon as I arrived he greeted me and looked at my Mini Cooper immediately. He did what he had to do to resolve the problem, eliminate the check engine and send me on my way with confidence restored. Your help was greatly appreciated Steve and it is without reserve that I would recommend his services.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- May 15, 2019

My husband and I were on our vacation trip in April. We have a VW Eurovan and always find it hard to find a repairman. In Grand Junction we encountered a problem with the van. A local in the area recommended this shop. As it was early in the morning, we had to wait for someone to show up. On time at opening, Steve, the owner, showed up. It took him very little time to diagnose the problem. He mentioned how busy they were and it would take a day to order the part. They were helpful in finding a rental car for us to continue our trip. We came back with the van running and had a great experience. I would recommend Steve for any of our future repairs. Great to know someone who works hard, knowledgeable and is proud of his work. Thanks


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