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Photo of BMW Z4Looking for the best BMW service in Grand Junction?  No wonder.  If you’re a BMW owner you’ve got a stake in a proud heritage.  In fact, we’re almost at the 100th anniversary of BMW (which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, or Bavarian Motor Works for the English rendition).  BMW started out as a producer of aircraft engines, then motorcycles, and only after about 12 years did it begin producing automobiles successfully.

Ironically BMW’s first successful car was called the Dixi and was built under license from venerable English Car Maker Austin.  We say it’s ironic because now BMW owns the Mini Cooper brand, so the connection with English cars comes full circle.

picture of a BMW racing car
BMW shows a tad more sophistication now than they did in 1928

At the Foreign Aid we take your BMW seriously.  So seriously in fact that we have invested in factory-level service equipment, something no other independent auto repair shop in Grand Junction can claim.  We use the extremely sophisticated Autologic system to make sure our ability to diagnose and repair your BMW car correctly is second to none, not even authorized dealers.

photo of a bmw classic dixi car
The BMW Dixi was the first successful automobile produced by the Bavarian company. It started rolling off the line in 1928 and was successful in spite of the raging Great Depression.