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Mercedes Service that Shines Like a Three-Pointed Star

It’s no wonder that Mercedes Benz owners take their vehicles seriously.  Karl Benz is widely accepted as being the first to patent a gasoline driven automobile, with his initial patent issued in 1879 (for some perspective, that’s just 3 years after General Custer rode a horse to a disastrous end at the Battle of the Little Big Horn).

Eventually Karl Benz and his numerous automotive innovations merged with the company founded by another pioneer in early auto technology, Gottlieb Daimler, in 1926 (actually there is some evidence that Daimler beat Benz to the punch on that gasoline engine).  The combined company has continued, obviously, to this day.  Ironically, at the time Daimler and Benz merged neither of the founders of the companies was still associated with their namesake firms.

If you own a Mercedes Benz you own a car with the strongest pedigree in automotive history, so naturally you want to find the right technician to keep your MB running as well as its name deserves.

Your search is over.  There aren’t many vehicles that can compare with Mercedes.  There’s car repair and then there’s Mercedes repair.  At The Foreign Aid we use only quality Mercedes parts, our technicians have decades of experience in servicing Mercedes, and we have as much passion for the brand as you do.

Whether you have an A Class, B Class, S Class, or any of the myriad of other Mercedes alphabet soup of letter-designated classes, we will give it the distinctive service that your Benz deserves.  (And if you have a Gull Wing Coupe, we’d especially love to see you.)

Schedule a service appointment today and let us give your Mercedes the service Karl Benz would want it to have.